Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. For Good.

At Honda, we focus on bringing joy and freedom of mobility through the development of environmentally-conscious, safe, renewable, and sustainable energy. That’s why we’ve introduced hybrids in our Civic, Accord, and CR-V lineups. And why we’re continuing to push for a fully-electric, zero-emissions future.

The Power of Hybrids

The Power of Hybrids In hybrid vehicles, gas and electricity work together to deliver a more fuel-efficient ride. While driving, the electric motor uses power from the battery to drive the wheels, which in turn reduces the internal combustion engine’s “workload”. And the battery constantly recharges through energy created from braking, called “regenerative braking”. Ultimately, this generates 27-35% less greenhouse gas emission and can save you money at the pump*.

Exceptional Electric

All-electric vehicles not only completely eliminate the need for gas but they’re also quiet, reliable, and fun to drive, as they offer instant acceleration. Plus, charging can be conveniently done at home or through a growing network of charging stations.